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Improved DailyMotion Downloader 6.15

This application searches open Internet browsers for DailyMotion video clips
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Improved DailyMotion Downloader is a great video downloader. All video downloaders made by Improved Software are quite good. If you download video from DailyMotion alone, you will be better off just downloading this converter. However, if you find yourself downloading video from YouTube and MegaVideo, or even Break relatively often, then you might want to download Improved Video Downloader, which is an all-in-one downloader. You can go into the options of DailyMotion Downloader and download extra plugins for other services, but it is easier to download the all-in-one tool.

This app functions exactly like the other Improved downloaders. It sits in the system tray area, and when you are watching a video on DailyMotion, you simply left-click the tray icon and the video will get detected. Right there, it will ask you what format you want to convert the video to. There are a few video and audio formats you can choose. If you want to only rip the audio off a DailyMotion video you can select MP3 or AAC for your output format.

Improved DailyMotion Downloader did a great job for me. It detected all the videos that I tried and it downloaded them all. It wasn't as fast as the YouTube downloader, but there are many factors that could be the cause of that.

José Fernández
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